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Set up your Teen for Success

Teach your kids money and life skills 

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Smart Road to Independence

Parents and Teens -  HANDS ON Group Coaching

  • Bond with your teen while teaching Life Skills

  • Meet other families online for social activities

  • Engage together in fun learning competitions

  • Managing Money

    Topics include bank accounts, budgeting, savings, spending decisions, investing, building credit and using credit wisely...  


    Topics include high school and post graduation options for education and/or career planning. Applications, communication skills, writing and networking.


    Assess needs. Train/bus plan. Cars. Budgeting. New vs used cars.  Buy/lease. Insurance, maintenance.  Vacation time, travel plans, passports, documents.

    Creating a home

    Deciding when to move out. Savings. Costs and deposits related to moving. Furniture and supplies. Shopping, cooking, laundry, maintenance. Are you ready?

    Staying Healthy

    Topics include: Self care, shopping and cooking healthy meals, exercise, making appointments, natural prevention, remedies, first aid. Sleep, alarms, punctuality.


    Building and maintaining relationships, dating, boundaries, avoiding unhealthy relationships, red flags. Neighbors, faith, volunteering. Invitations, RSVP, events, gifts. 

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    Hi! I'm Denise. My goal is to help young adults to be strong confident and independent adults. How can I help YOU learn to plan and make informed decisions? Successes make us stronger and mistakes can be used as lessons toward future success. I have worked in Accounting, Finance, and Education and volunteered many hours with kids. As a Certified Business Education teacher I taught high school business classes and mentored several young adults. I am mother to three adult children.